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Hochschule Darmstadt

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Founded in 1971 the University of Applied Sciences Hochschule Darmstadt (h_da) is a young and innovative university which is now an integral part of the academic landscape of the city of Darmstadt.
The majority of the approximately 10,000 h_da students have chosen the subjects of engineering or information technology, which form the main focus of the university’s course offer. Anyone wishing to study at the h_da can choose from 17 undergraduate programs leading to the German Diplom degree, 12 leading to a Bachelor’s and 7 to a Master’s degree.
The h_da is one of only two universities of applied sciences in Hessen with a college of mathematics and one of the few universities of applied sciences in Germany to offer a diploma program in plastics engineering technology. In addition to these programs there are also the colleges of social and cultural science including interdisciplinary courses.
The h_da is becoming increasingly involved in the field of professional continuing education. In addition to an internationally-oriented program of studies for working professionals in the area of international business administration, there are also further education courses in computer science which the h_da offers in conjunction with the renowned Conservatoire Nationale des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) in Paris.

Students wishing to spend a semester in a foreign country can do so at one of the h_da partner universities in Europe or overseas or can do an internship with one of the foreign companies co-operating with the h_da. At present the h_da maintains partnership links with almost 80 foreign universities, working closely with them in the fields of teaching and research.
As part of the measures to intensify its internationally-oriented range of study programs the h_da college of electrical engineering offers its graduates – and those of other universities – the opportunity to obtain the internationally recognized Master of Science (MSc) degree in a 15-month-program. This program is designed to provide graduates with technical and management skills in the fields of “Electrical Engineering/System Design and Technology” as they are required of engineers in leading positions in the European labour market.
The department of computer science, the biggest of its kind in Germany, is the first h_da-department to offer international degrees for an undergraduate program beginning with the Bachelor’s degree after six semesters, followed by the Master of Science after another three semesters. Two programs have been added: the bachelor’s program in media production leading to the “Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia“ degree and the three-semester-program “Joint International Master in Computer Science“, which has been set up in co-operation with American and Australian universities.

A close co-operation with industry and research institutes plays a key role in the h_da´s teaching and research. The Hochschule Darmstadt considers itself a centre of innovation in terms of teaching and applied research. The h_da reacts flexibly to the varying demands made on the graduate’s qualification in practice.

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